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About Us

In the iAge where an Apple has ceased to represent only a fruit, there is no guarantee that the Apple keeps the doctor away.
From restoring dysfunctional iPods to repairing damaged iPhones, iPads and MacBooks too, iRepair is your one stop solution for all Apple related services in India.

Given that Apple’s policy is replacement and not repair of their products, iRepair, the brainchild of two young gadget freaks, was born out of the desire to help fellow countrymen fix their damaged iDevices.

It is only natural that people are apprehensive about entrusting expensive gizmos in the hands of a run-of-the-mill repair shop, and that’s where iRepair comes trotting briskly into the equation, changing the way consumers perceive  “repair”, by providing services that are at par with those provided by renowned business houses.

Our main interface with customers is online through an efficient problem ticket system.  With a growing clientele of over 5,000 satisfied customers, the wind beneath iRepair’s wings is its team of experts- Harsha PJ, Ajay Hegde and Suneil Gupta.

When Apple says: “We can’t”, iRepair says: “We can”.  Whether your iPod has been physically damaged by water, your iPad seems beyond repair, or if damaged LCDs, batteries, casing and motherboards necessitate replacement,  at iRepair, the experts get your Apple device back in apple-pie order!