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iAccy Keyboard Protector for Macbook - iRepair India™

iAccy Keyboard Protector for Macbook

₹. 899.00

Anyone who uses a laptop knows that their keyboard really takes a beating. Itdoesn't take long for the letters on a keyboard to fade or get dirty with day after dayof pounding out e-mails, work documents, and other written content. Keyboards arealso a vulnerable aspect of any laptop, where dust, moisture, and dirt can get intothe CPU and ruin the computer. iAccy's TPU Keyboard Protector gives MacBookPro users a simple yet highly effective way to preserve their keyboard andcomputer. This TPU plastic cover is precision-fit for MacBook Pro keyboards andfeatures a firm yet flexible feel that takes pressure and strain off of tired fingers.Available in a clear transparent, it adds protection without detracting from the lookof your MacBook Pro


Compatible with :

Macbook Air 13''

Macbook Pro 13" and 15"

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