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Pickup Service

₹. 500.00


FedEx are our shipping partners 
You Buy this -> FedEx picks up your device -> we repair it -> FedEx ships it back to you. 
Pickup voucher can be redeemed as a discount after repair.



After you purchase this product, iRepair India will send you the shipping label with tracking no, and relavent documents to be shipped with the device. Customers are requested to use the same shipping label emailed by iRepair India. We are not responsible for shipments sent with a different tracking number. Customers will have to bear the cost of shipment if shipped with a tracking number not provided by us. iRepair India reserves its right to withdraw the Discount at any point of time.


  • Shipping with the worlds trusted partner FedEx
  • Entire process takes 2-3 working days
  • Get your device repaired by iRepair

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